When your dislike, Shines!

You came to me unknowingly
I welcomed you willfully
You are the only distant ears,
That I shared my emotions.

Your memories subjugated my time
Your voice tied up my concentration
All the sensual, attacked by him.
He the reason of my destruction.

My imaginations turned as a noose
Now it’s haunting my energy
I’m afraid whether it kills me
I be a statue with voiceless sound

He persuaded my free life
Readily I wasted my time for him
Getting horrible to escape
Optimistic force rises against him

Your dispassions opened new doors
That leads to the world of mine.
A world full of colours and verses.
Go and find talents, which shines.

Tearless Grief

She, in the midst of humans

Yet she can see only her

Looking back to the ways

She felt sad, without tear

Fate intoned her ill luck

Her heart, beats disturbed

Her verses been tainted

Her art of life been stuck

The lantern of hope lost

Carnal relations now flickers

No one played as her host,

And their busy life continues

Echoing agonizing praises

Her eyes witnessed folly fact

She mourns for some smiles,

That now she longs the most

Still, she lives with her own

No one can break them down

She is complete, when time moves

All her pain turn to memories


Two but one

I can see your eyes,

I can see you in my eyes.

There we are the same, but

we are strange enough to sit.

Like the different shadows,

with same as it’s shades.

Beyond, there is your soul

which always longs for my call.

Still you were wandering, but

all the routes leads to my hut.

I wish I could fly with you, but God

made me a silly girl with bond.

But the Divinity of love,

Made our souls to live.

We will bloom together,then

I can see your hand in mine.

Heaven will witness, and spreads

the flowers of blessings.

We will open our eyes together

and then we know each other.


Dear Comrade; An Implicit Review

Dear Comrade is a movie beyond Romance. It deals with a thought and courage every day to day girls need. Nothing more nothing less, it’s a cliche, but that’s what is happening in our society….

This movie also gives a picture of student strength and friendship. Women are considered to be physically weak, and mentally strong. That’s why, they are more abused. But this physical harassments, also make their strong mind weak. Gradually all their dreams and life will be confined inside the four walls.

Then also if they pretend to fight, our society will kill her courage with bloody rumours. This makes a girl more and more restricted.

This movie successfully portrayed, the obstacles that she faced, for her dream come true. To be very sadly those obstacles are created by the greedy men itself. The film may be a fictional one, but it can be reality of many unrecognised. But whatever happens there is always a Comrade to help you out…. Without any wow factors l loved this Movie.

To the Unknown

Passionate towards those hands,

which is lean and long.

The tricky hand with magic powers,

Power to create an immortal Art !

Addicted towards those legs,

Which is strong and manly.

The powerful leg with mystery steps,

Steps to sculpt the name of Triumph!

Ensuing his echoes consciously,

Which is sweet but hubristic.

The charming voice with chants,

Chants to build his Fame!

I’m helpless to see him earthly,

But He is roving in my mind.


Aries Women

Cold blooded women that,

no one can badger her.

Decision obstinate damsel that,

no one can digress her.

Condemn of state of being,follows

with many dispatch upon.

Bold enough to fight, societies

with midst of corruption.

Cascade of flair exploded,when

her ideals mirrored the dribble.

Every drop emulated her emotion,

that is quelled by pseudo castle.

She is sculpted by heavenly stars.

Because she is a woman of Aries.



I loved you once…
You Cheated me thrice…
Memories triggered as nightmares.
And you left with my bliss…

I Struggled to resurrect
But You hammered it…
Wings of credence sprout out
And your scissors failed to cut.

Later,I saw the nature…
Where You as a thunder,
But now I can see your tear
That you are unfit here…

Because I loved you once,

But not now, I grew up thrice…